Amber and Martha Teasing Lesbian Play

I love scenes like this one from Club Seventeen, because the girls look so sweet and fresh, you sort of know they aren’t doing the girl girl thing very often. Amber and Martha are a hot pair, with some nice nervous smiles and laughs that tell you that these girls are really doing this perhaps for the first time. They do plenty of kissing and licking each others titties and such, before the toys come out and all hell breaks loose as our sweet innocent barely legal teen girls turn into raving lesbians looking for nothing more than a really great orgasm. It’s almost funny to watch, once they get into it, damn, these two girls really get into it. When they pause, the nervous laughs return, sort of as they realize what they just did. Sweet innocent lesbian sex, ain’t that hot?

Check out the full set at Club Seventeen, plenty of hot teen lesbo action here!

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Updated: August 30, 2010 — 10:21 am