Month: August 2010

Amber and Martha Teasing Lesbian Play

I love scenes like this one from Club Seventeen, because the girls look so sweet and fresh, you sort of know they aren’t doing the girl girl thing very often. Amber and Martha are a hot pair, with some nice nervous smiles and laughs that tell you that these girls are really doing this perhaps for the first time. They do plenty of kissing and licking each others titties and such, before the toys come out and all hell breaks loose as our sweet innocent barely legal teen girls turn into raving lesbians looking for nothing more than a really great orgasm. It’s almost funny to watch, once they get into it, damn, these two girls really get into it. When they pause, the nervous laughs return, sort of as they realize what they just did. Sweet innocent lesbian sex, ain’t that hot?

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Hot and Naughty Lesbian Bath Time

Usually when you take a bath, you get clean. But Rose and Regina are proving that you can get very dirty in the bath if you work on it. This sexy scene from shows these two petite teens getting into some seriously hot fun as they turn bath time into cum time, playing with each other, making out, and getting pretty naughty. I love this shot of them eat each other out, it’s so sexy. They add in some toys too, because hey, toys are fun. They use a nice blue vibrator with a clit stimulator and then switch over to a pretty darn big dildo with balls and all and really pound each other’s shaved pussies deep and hard. At least they are in the bath, so they don’t have to go far to clean up where they are all tired out!

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Two Hotties Share a Doubled Headed Dildo

There is nothing like seeing two hot girls who are so into sharing a toy, that they will do anything, including the doubled headed dildo boogie! Andrianna and Mya are both pretty darn sexy, and they are really into pussy. So no problem here with plenty of making out, titty licking, and so on. Then they each dive in and take a turn licking the other girl out, fingering, and using the toy to give their friend a nice cum. But that just cranks them up for more aggressive doubled headed dildo play, and then end up fucking each other at the same time in a wild lesbian fuck session. Hot and naughty!

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Taylor Lain and Rachel Play with Body Paint

Okay, let me be honest, I rarely see a set that involves edible body paint or chocolate or whatever that doesn’t end up sort of messy and weird, but I have to say that the cuteness of sexy Taylor Lain and her friend Rachel pretty much balances it all out. These two are a perfect pair of teen teasers, they both have hot bodies and really nice asses, and they giggle and play as they strip each other down and take turns munching on each others teen tits and hard nipples. They kiss and make out too, and that is pretty sexy. Basically, they are just so hot together, a perfect pair that you would love to dive in the middle of and turn it into a hot three way!

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Naughty Anal Licking Pool Party

I think girls in bathing suits are always sexy, wet, and seeming to be ready for action, and this threesome are all into each other! Checkout the story:

Alyssa invited Sammie and Kiara to her olympic size swimming pool for an afternoon workout. The girls practiced a few stroke drills and dives before taking off their sexy swimsuits. Sammie and Alyssa double teamed Kiara, licking and fingering her lovely pussy. Sammie really wanted her ass licked, so Kiara and Alyssa granted her wish. The girls took turns with the anal play until they had a few orgasms.

Plenty of great licking and fingering here, in the pool, on the side of the pool, and more. Anal licking is so naughty!

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Three Hot Girls Naked Together

Anetta Keys, Veronika Fasterova, and Monika are three hot babes I have caught before in solo sets from, and this time out they have all three of them together for a very teasing, no action sort of lesbian set that is really more just three incredibly sexy girls together than anything else. You can imagine the possiblities as you check these three sexy girls out togehter, as they are all hot and they would fit together nicely. In fact, I suspect they go for it big time after this gallery is done. Just three tasty, all natural girls with nice small tits, shaved pussies and horny smiles to make your day better!

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Bianca and Ashley Sexy Lesbian Workout

These two girls are just so sexy together. Bianca and Ashley are two of a kind, sexy, busty, and way into pussy. They are working out at Bianca’s house, and well, the workout doesn’t last long as they both have that look in their eyes that says they want to sweat by cumming, not by exercising! Well, they start making out, and as you can see, they make a very sexy couple together. They lick each other out, and they even get a nice dildo to do some anal teasing while licking out each other’s soaking wet pussy. They kiss and make out and grind to another climax, and you know that the lesbian love making isn’t done for the day!

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Savannah and Ashley Share a Strap On

You sort of have to file this one in the pure fantasy department, but a hot fantasy anyway so why not. Ashley Marie and Savannah Stern are two well matched hotties, both in the small tits, curvy tummy sort of girls that look so natural and real these days. They are doing the classroom thing, but well, let’s just say all their are going to study today is pussy. They start making out, stripping down, and teasing each other, and then it is strap on time and the hot fucking starts. These girls are having a damn good time, and Ashley Marie is really getting into fucking Savannah’s pussy doggy style. Just a nice hot strap on fuck, no matter what the setup is!

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Wild Three Way MILF Pool Party

Another hot scene from MILF Next Door, this time with the girls and a friend named Randi paying a visit to the fine beaches of Miami. These sexy girls are getting a little too much attention from the men at the beach, and decide to take it back to the house for more relaxing. Well, relaxing turns into getting naked and licking each other out, which is pretty much always a good thing. These girls get really into it too, with a nice intense daisy chain sort of pussy licking scene that leaves them all dripping wet and ready for more. They don’t stop until they have all cum multiple times, and they are damn sexy doing it!

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Renna and Sandy 4th of July Lesbians

Sexy Renna Ryann is a hot amateur girl with a really cute look, and Sandy Summers is everyone’s favorite blond Brazilian hotty. Together, they make a great pair, and they got together for some 4th of July lesbian fireworks. Damn, these girls know how to tease us, they are both really curvy and sexy, and they love to play games. They lick and kiss and smooch, squeezing each other’s sexy ass and licking their nipples. But the teasing finally falls down and these two hot girls end up in a 69 that leaves them both satisfied and soaking wet!

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