Month: July 2011

Hot Girl gets Strap On Fucked @ We Live Together

The girls have changed over the years, but the idea of We Live Together always lives on: The hottest hardcore lesbian fucking you can find. This shot is from a threeway lesbian fuck fest, with the strap on getting used on multiple partners as they all get a chance to get toy fucked. Plenty of making out, fingering, analingus, and much more. These girls go all out to make sure each other has cum over and over again!

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Stacey Rocks Making Out With Sonia

It might be a little surprising, but two girls completely naked in the shower can still be very teasing as well. Fresh off her snog with Stacey Lacey, Stacey Rocks is back with another hot lesbian adventure, this time with sexy Sonia. It’s shower time after being in the pool, and these two girls go from bikinis to nothing at all, and they apply wash soap and cream all over each other, while making out, kissing, and having a great time. These girls are damn hot together!

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Nikkie and Aubrey Public Pussy Licking

Every so often, FTV girls has a really hot lesbian set in the mix. Because they tend to get their girls out in public places to get naked, it should be no surprised when they go one step further and encourage the girls to have a little lesbian fun outdoors, in a public place. Nikkie and Aubrey are two hotties, and they are so into each other. They are kissing, teasing, playing, and finally taking turns licking each other out pushed up against the wall, each of them getting a nice cum before heading back indoors for even more play!

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Horny Teen Fuck Each Other With Sex Toys

Most of the teen lesbian stuff that is out there is very light and softcore, a little hugging, a little kissing, and maybe a finger or two inside. But this scene from Beauty Angels is anything but light. It starts out looking kissy and loving and all that, but soon they intense pussy licking starts, and we know we are on to something good. Then one girls pulls out this huge ass fake cock dildo, must be 8 inches at least, and she goes to town on her friends pussy! She cums hard with that toy deep in her pussy, and then rolls over and the girl fucks her ass with it too! Absolutely intense action!

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Shyla Jennings and Melanie Rios Making Out

Without a doubt, Shyla Jennings is one of my favorite pro-am girls these days, a sexy teen to coed amateur who is slowly dipping her toes into the world of porn, specifically with some hot lesbian action. Thanks! This time out she is teamed up with the equally hot Melanie Rios for a truly sexy scene that goes all over the place, from teasing and playing to all out pussy muching fingers in deep satisfaction. Shyla Jennings kissing another girl is so damn sexy, it makes me want to burst. These girls are both hotties, both have amazing bodies, and both love to make out with other girls. Perfect!

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Jess And Ally Lick Out Each Others Asses

One of the lesser known acts of hot lesbian sex is analingus. That is an act that combines rimming (the licking of the ass in general) with deep penetration into the anal passage with the tongue. It’s eating out an ass, and here is part of a round the world adventure as the girls lick each other out from clut to ass crack and every hole in between. Jess and Ally are both hotties, both horny as hell, and they both cum has as they get their asses licked out. You have to love a girl who loves to get her ass licking out until she cums hard!

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Jennifer and Georgina Slumber Party Make Out Session

This sexy set from Just18 is the perfect combination of lesbian teasing and pleasure. Jennifer and Georgina are a perfect match, two friends having a sleep over that turns more than a little naughty. They are playing around, a little play wrestling turns into a little groping, and turns in to a little kissing, and already this is turning into a great show. These two hot girls kissing is just so sexy, they are so into it and they love it! Soon the tops come off and they are licking each others hard nipples and they just don’t stop from there, going into all out pussy eating action. These girls are hot!

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Margot and Patty Teens With a Double Headed Dildo

A lot of the time, teen lesbian scenes are more teasing lesbian action rather than pure hardcore fun. But this scene from Club Seventeen featuring Patty and Margot is a bit of both, with some incredibly hardcore action involving this double headed dildo. As you can see, they are into fucking each other with the toy, and they are both creamy wet and really getting into it. They go it all from pussy licking to making out, kissing each other deeply both on the both and deep into their dripping wet teen pussies. These two are sexy together and hot as hell, alternately loving each other and then fucking each other hard with the sex toy!

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Stacey Lacey and Stacey Rocks Making Out

Oh yeah! This is what I am talking about! Stacey Lacey (dark hair) and Stacey Rocks (blond hair) are two hot amateur girls that share a whole bunch of things in common, and it’s not just the same first name. They both love to get naked, they both love to show off, and they both love to make out with other girls. Well, hello, that is exactly what we love to see at, two hot girls kissing, making out, and maybe ultimately licking each other to mutual orgasms. These two girls are stunning hot, they look great together, and you can tell from the kissing that these girls are absolutely into it!

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