Month: December 2009

Tania And Isabella Sucking Face

Tania Spice is one of my favorite latina lesbos, a really sexy girl that knows how to play on both sides of the plate. In this set with Isabella, she is getting naughty and very sexy outdoors. These two girls look great together, and watching them make out and touch each other is so hot. Don’t worry guys, they don’t stop until they are both very satisfied, and watching them do it outdoors in the sun is just a thrill!

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Lesbian Threeway For Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving, and for these three girls, it’s time for giving each other big juicy orgasms with their new toys. These three are a perfect match, sexy and hot and ready for some fun, in their santa hats. They exchange gifts, but they really just want to unwrap each other. What follows is an intense lesbian session with plenty of hot girls kissing, making out, and pussy licking fun. They don’t stop until they are all cummed out, and that takes a long while!

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Rivera and Madison Sexy Titty Licking

These two are a perfect pair of teasers that just can’t stop themselves. They have been talking for a while and sharing a drink out of daddy’s bar, and well, one thing leads to another and these two slightly less inhibited girls get down to some fun play. This pic is the moment of truth, where it goes from just thinking about it to licking a nipple and getting a hot reaction. These two are so sexy together, and the teasing turns to pleasing and there is no stopping them!

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Gigi and Tania Hot Latina Strap On Action

No doubt about it, Tania Spice and Gigi Spice are two of the hottest bisexual latinas I have ever seen, and they keep us drooling with the latest set I found on Tania’s personal site: Gigi and Tania and a strap on! These girls are fucking awesome hot, and they are really into it. No faking here, these girls love to play with other girls and they love to cum on camera. They start out with tongues and fingers, getting each other off in a sexy display, and then out comes the strap on and they take turns fucking each other with the fake cock. Watching them kiss deeply as they moan and cum together is just fucking hot!

Check out the action on Tania Spice’s site here, or check out the action on Gigi Spice’s site here!

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Lila and Jessica Naughty Hotties

Lila and Jessica are the type of girls I love see getting together for some hot lesbian loving. These girls are in their first experience together, and they are just crossing that very sexy threshold, where they go from thinking about it and playing to actually getting something done. Munching on each other tits and sucking face has gotten these two all worked up,and it won’t be long before the teasing lesbian play turns into the serious quest to give each other sexy, loving, and huge girl on girl orgasms! These two are a hot duo, and their set together is smoking!

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Wivien and Candy Strap On Anal Lesbians

You pretty much only have to see this one picture to know that this is an intense hardcore lesbian fuck session. Wivien and Candy are two hotties that are hot for each other, and they really go for it, full on from start to finish. They are both dresses in black latex outfits to start, looking damn sexy, and they slowly tear it away and fuck each other hard with the strap on, doggy style and the straight up, before moving on to hot anal action. It’s an incredible fuck that leaves them both panting and soaking wet!

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Wild Shower Room Fiveway Lesbian Fuck

Do you guys ever wonder why it takes girls so long in the locker room after working out? Maybe it’s because their shower time is way more fun than ours can every be. This hot scene from We Live Together puts 5 girls in the shower room together, and let’s just say they get to soaping each other up and then licking each other out and the fun just doesn’t stop! All five of them end up on the floor soaking wet and hot for pussy, licking and fingering and getting each other off like mad. It’s a truly sexy lesbian clusterfuck in it’s truest sense!

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Rilee and Sara Wet Sexy and Kissing

Every so often, FTV Girls has a lesbian set that just lights my fire. Sexy Rilee and Sara are two hotties that look absolutely made for each other, and they aren’t shy to get right in there and get to know each other better. These two are both sexy, long, lean, and horny, and they get into all sorts of hot teasing situations. They look so good together, wet, under the sun, licking each other’s nipples and kissing like teenagers in love for the first time. They really play and have fun, a total tease and very sexy indeed!

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Hotty Latina Tania Spice Licks Out Gigi

Gigi Spice and Tania Spice are two of the hottest latina amateurs around, each has their own site and they sometimes like to get together for some fun. Don’t worry about the names, they aren’t sisters, except as sisters of the pink! These girls are hot bisexuals who love to play with guys but really get off with girls too. They are both seriously hot girls with hot latina bodies and juicy shaved pussies, and watching them go down on each other is such a thrill. They aren’t shy to finger and lick, and they get into an intense 69 position that is really hot. Then they pull out a strap on, and take turns fucking each other with it, while kissing and squeezing each other’s tits. They are so fucking hot together!

See the full video on Tania Spice’s site, click here to check out it!

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