Month: May 2009

Horny Soccer Players Go Threeway Lesbo Style

The girls were out playing their weekly soccer game, and the end, it’s time to go home to take a shower. Well, a third girl from the team tags along to use their shower, but they decide they are going to use her instead! It doesn’t take much convincing, and soon these three hotties are going at it hard and fast! Plenty of great pussy licking and fingering here, girls kissing, making out, and well, when the vibrators come out you know this is getting serious. The blonde is having a fuck of a time, getting her titties licking, her clit licked, and a vibrator in her soaking wet pussy. You can bet she is cumming!

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Girls Soccer Team Mates Kissing

you know that rumor that the girls soccer team are all lesbians? Well, it isn’t true, but they are slowly converting them over! Sexy Jayme and Tiffany are two of the team’s hotties, and they get invited over to the photographers studio to take some pictures for the team’s yearbook. Well, when the camera man dares them to show a little flesh for fun, these horny coeds are all over the idea. They pull down their tops and show off their firm teen boobs, and it doesn’t take much encouragemen to get them kissing and messing around. So innocent and so hot, these two really steam up the camera lens!

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When Sally Licks Hanna

Hanna is a sexy blonde euro-teenie that loves girls, loves to lick pussy, and loves to get her pussy licked. She loves it so much that she started her own website to show off all the sexy adventures that her and her dripping wet pussy get into. That’s right, it’s the adventures of Hannas Honeypot! Well, this time she has a sexy teen over by the name of Sally, and Sally is just learning about lesbian love. Who better to learn from than a total pervy blonde that loves the taste of pussy? Hanna gives Sally all the lessons she will need to be a good pussy licker for a long time to cum!

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Two Cute Girls Kissing and Squeezing

This is the sort of kiss that says “we want you to see us do it”. Nothing like a couple of really hot and horny girls who want to show off and let you see them as they play with each other. These little latina girls know how to turn each other on, plenty of kissing and rubbing and playing as they two of them slowly strip each other down, they really like to tongue kiss like crazy too. It’s very sexy to watch these two go at it! Nice tight bodies and succulent little titties on these girls, so fresh and yummy!

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More Bikini Lesbians @ Mollys Life

Ahh yes, summer time is so good! Hot girls, tiny bikinis, licking each other out. That’s summer to me! I found this set over at Molly’s Life, a great personal website of this dedicated pussy licker Molly and her girlfriend Trish. They love to film their wild adventures, and they get into many. Like this one, where a small pool party turns into a pussy eating frenzy as these three go at it hot and wild. Great action, and a great mix of girls too. They are all hotties too, which makes this even more fun, you would hit any one of these girls up in the bar any chance you would get. They love pussy guys, so let’s enjoy them working each other over, fingering each others pussy and eating there shaved pussies into hot orgasms. It’s an intense site, plenty of fun!

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Sunny and Aria Teasing Outdoors

Sometimes even hot pornstar girls can be teasing and sexy. Like this set from Sunny Leone, with her friend Aria Giovanni. Both of these girls are well known for being girl-girl only pornstars, although now there is some Sunny Leone Hardcore for us to enjoy too. So they are real lesbos that enjoy the action, not just girls playing. This set is outdoors, and is entirely one massive tease. Some nice kissing, titty licking, and squeezing, they are certainly into giving you some great views and of course, giving each other some massive teasing too. I didn’t check, but I am betting this scene continues well into a bedroom somewhere, as these two hotties are getting way to turned on doing this stuff to each other!

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Latina Hotties Outdoor Strap-on Fuck

Sometimes, this stuff just writes itself. I don’t have to think at all, I just have to stare at two hotties in the middle of a solid fuck with a strap-on, and I know you guys will understand. Latina hotties. Gigi and Gianna. Outdoors. Strap-on. Juicy latina pussy. Fucking. Lesbian orgasms. It’s all here and then some, from sexy teen girls kissing to pussy licking and intense strap on sex, they do it all and they do it hard, wet, and messy!

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Bikini Lesbians Prove Summer is Cumming

I think one of these girls names is Summer. Well, let’s say it is anyway, because I like the idea that Summer is cumming. Ahh summertime is a great time to swim and play by the pool, and finding two hot teen girls working each other by the pool is always fun. These two girls are a little shy to start with, but when the kissing starts and the bikinis come off, there is no stopping them. Nice titty licking, nipple sucking, and an interesting stand up and bend over 69 that I am still trying to figure out. You can tell that these girls didn’t stop for the whole day and into the night, horny lesbians are the best!

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When Tease Turns to Please

This is the magic moment in any first time lesbian act, the moment when it goes from teasing and playing to a more serious move towards pleasing. Alexandra and April are going at it for the first time, and as you can see, the line has been crossed as the hand slides into the panties to cup a very wet and willing pussy. The girls aren’t entirely sure what to do, but nature and some dildos give them all the tools they need to turn this into a very serious lesbian pleasure session!

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Three Teens and a Double Headed Dildo

This is a scene that just writes it’s own story. Three sexy and horny teen girls, a double headed dildo, and a big bed – it’s all that’s needed for some pretty intense lesbian love. This set is a great mix of teen innocent and hardcore action, with one girl on either end of the double headed dildo and the third girl running it back and forth in their pussies, stirring them to a major claimx

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