Month: December 2008

Miyu and Danielle Making Out

This is a set that has something for everyone. Miyu in blue is a sexy half korean girl with a really unique look and a very juicy pussy. Danielle is a busty blonde with a love of good sex toys and a taste for fresh pussy. Put the two of them together, and you get a very sexy, teasing, and very pleasing set. Danielle even does Miyu’s pussy with a banana, what a naughty girl! Plenty of finger and tongue action too, you can imagine that these girls go at it for a very long time!

See their full video at FTVGirls, where girls get naked on camera for the very first time!

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Euro Babes Kissing and Rub

szilvia laurent sexy euro pornstar

I don’t usually put up pornstar type girls in my blog, but this is one of those exceptional cases where the action is just too hot, the girls too into it for me not to show you some truly teasing hot lesbian love. Szilvia Lauren is a hot euro pornstar, and this sexy blonde has found herself a new playtoy, this sexy redhead with a wonderful natural full body. Their kiss is enough to give me a bone, these girls are so into lesbian love, they want each other and the action isn’t going to stop until they are both reduced to sweating, juicy covered quivering orgasmic girls. It’s hot.

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Hot Blondes Play Dress up Games

Now this is a fun one! These two hotties from We Live Together decide to play a dess up game, and go back for some 20’s era glamour looks. These blonds are damn hot to start with, and dressed up in these sexy outfits, well, they are a dream. You aren’t dreaming though when you see them in a wild and deep sixy nine, these two are licking each other’s pussy like mad!

See the whole video at We Live Together!

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Michelle Aston Goth Christmas Lesbians

michelle aston is a wild goth

Christmas brings out all the odd stuff, and this set is no different. What makes this one so wild is that Michelle Aston started out as a very straight girl, and has slowly morphed into a wild goth sexual machine, check out her story:

Michelle Aston showcases an interesting spectrum of content showing the evolution of Michelle Aston from conservative MILF scientist to tattooed and dreadlocked pornstar. Her lusty sexuality and no limits kinky curiosity are sure to intrique. She is brainy, arty, dominant, hardcore, and ready to go the distance. Michelle has worked for a whole slew of both the biggest and the edgiest video companies and is honored as one Fleshbot’s top ten crush objects of the year.

She celebrates christmas in her own unique way, so sexy! Check out more of Michelle Aston here!

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Hot Teens Kissing

hot teens kissing

Hot Teens Kissing isn’t just an idea, it’s a whole website packed full of hot and horny teen girls making out, getting naked, and being rather naughty! That’s right, teen girls kissing plus plenty of hot lesbian action that means they aren’t just kissing on the lips, if you know what I mean. Like Franzisca and Devi here, an amazing pair of teens, Franzisca is the tiny titty blonde and Devi is the nicely rounded teen with the bigger boobs. They are really having a great time, first kissing and making out, then getting out some toys and giving each other the juicy orgasms they need. It’s just so fucking hot to watch these hot teens kissing and making out!

Download there whole video here, it’s hot!

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Lick Those Titties

cute girl licks her friends nipples and tits

Ahh, the look of pleasure. Nobody knows how to lick a nipple better than another girl! Guys, pay attention here, because this girl will show you all the best ways to pleasure a woman! Maybe you can even join them and make it a theeway, getting some serious lessons! These two hotties aren’t shy to have a good time, with fingers, tongues, and a couple of pretty large sex toys they push each other over the brink more than once. It’s a sexy hot scene, one that will make you say “can I help?”

Check out the full video here!

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Lesbian Teens Making Out

teens kissing and making out

These two are horny and ready for action! I am a huge fan of teen girls kissing, and these girls aren’t shy to slip each other the tongue! They also aren’t shy to slide some pretty big toys into their juicy pink holes, a very sexy scene as these girls explore each other in great detail, a true teasing pleasure!

Check out the whole scene here!

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Teen Threeway Pussy Party

three teens hot love making

Teen lesbians are often the hottest because you never know if they are really sure what to do. It’s all new and fun, and these three girls are certainly having a ton of fun. The two darker haired girls go all wild on the blonde, stripping her down and giving her intense girl on girl loving all over her hot teen body, kissing and rubbing and licking her in all the good places. She of course returns the favor, and the party is on big time as these girls give each other the juicy orgasms they so need. Plenty of hot action!

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Japanese Schoolgirls Kissing

japanese schoolgirls kissing

Many guys have a fantasy about japanese schoolgirls. So you can imagine how interested I was when i found this hot set from Teens from Tokyo featuring two hot japanese schoolgirls getting into some serious lesbian action. They are still pretty shy about it, but these girls slip each other the tongue and then get into it so much more, stripping each other down and going at their juicy asian pussies with their tongues and tiny vibrator toys. These girls are awesome hot!

Pics are hot, the video is even better – see the whole movie at Teens from Tokyo here!

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