Month: March 2007

Lesbian Trick: First time make-out session

girls kissing

Ahh, girls kissing.  I don’t need any more than that, and I am already getting a little chubby going.  Nice stuff.

Anyway, here’s the story.  The taller girl went out to a shopping mall, and spotted the tight looking dark haired girl. They chat for a bit, she makes some nice compliments about her, and invites her home for tea or to watch TV or something.  But it isn’t long before she has her in a nice lip lock, as you can see above.

The clothes come off, and soon enough she is munching on their girls pussy from behind while she cums like mad.  Now, she has never been with a girl before, but she knows she should return the favor so she tries out licking pussy for the very first time.  Damn hot stuff!

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Roxie DeVille and Gianna playing

roxie deville and gianna

That pussy looks so tasty, doesn’t it?  Wanna slurp?

Most of us have dreams of getting one hot girl.  This is one of those deals where the girls are hot and hotter, no matter which order you put them in.  Roxy DeVille and Gianna are each so hot, and put them together and you get steaming hot lesbian sex!  You can tell they love to lick pussy too, and they get right down to it, fingering, licking, and having a good old time… it’s totally hot.

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Three MILFs playing

three MILFs playing with each other

Three sexy MILFs all left alone without a husband or boyfriend in site.  Well, they didn’t waste their afternoon off with shopping or getting a manicure, no, these three hotties went directly to hot lesbian loving!

You know the problem… their husbands just don’t do it for them anymore.  So these three turn to each other for some pleasure.  They kiss and lick and finger each other all around, and then they each settle back with dildos and do themselves in a sort of all girl circle jerk.  Very sexy stuff.

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Three Sexy Teen Girls Playing

Lez B Teens three way sexy teensThese three teen girls are certainly in a horny mood. They can’t seem to get enough of each other’s tits, pussy, and lips…

This hot three way starts off with some really great french kissing. I love seeing teen girls kissing! These girls swap spit, all the while pulling each other out of their clothes until they are all naked and rather heated up. Hot hot? well, they are taking turns fisting their own pussy while the other girls like their clit and tits. These girls are totally into getting each other off!

Then they take out thsi nice purple jelly dildo, and they go for it on each other, bringing on yet more hot lesbian orgasms!

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