Month: February 2007

Strawberry Sandy Loves Pussy

strawberry sandy loves pussy

Ahh, teen girls kissing and making out. I think I pop a bone just thinking about that stuff, I don’t even have to see a pic of a video.

However, a gallery of pics or videos helps! This gallery certainly got my motor running, even if it isn’t the most intense ever, mostly because the girls are just so freaking hot and natural!

The girl on the left sucking face is Strawberry Sandy. She is the best combination of girl next door and horny teen you will find. This girl just loves to get naked, rub her pussy, and get herself off while you watch. Her clit is swollen and ready pretty much all the time. Well, Sandy also likes to play with other girls, and she thinks you might want to watch. I think she is right, especially with the two hotties she has hooked up with! These girls are tight body hotties, and the other blond hasn’t really spend any time with girls before, so this is even more fun. Lesbian lickfest is the oder of the day, and Sandy knows she will get to cum soon!

Click here and check out the teaser gallery, it’s damn hot.

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Lesbian 69 at the Hotel

Two hotties deep into a 69

Sometimes you see pics and you aren’t sure if the girls are really into eating pussy or if they are just posing. Some girls will get close but won’t do the deed. Well, this gallery will put your mind at ease… these girls are deep into pussy!

I found this gallery over at a site called Lucky Lesbians. These girls certainly are looking lucky, licking on some sweet snatch while getting their own juice factory taken care of. It’s a nice, sweet, yummy deal! These two don’t stop at just 69 either, there is plenty of fingers, toys, licking and squeezing going on as these two hot girls work each other over for some nice hot lesbian orgasms.

Click here and check out the gallery.

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Virgin Teen Lesbians Episode 25

Virgin Teen Lesbians Episode 25
Katie and Tina both enjoyed a threesome with their friend Jimmy recently, but they never touched each other. Ever since, however, they haven’t been able to stop thinking about what it would be like to eat each other’s hot pussies! Now they have a chance to do anything they want with each other, without a stinky ol’ cock to get in the way!

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Texas Twins Double Lesbians

texas twins really

Okay, yeah, I guess this sort of borders between totally fucking hot and rather a little too weird. The girls on each end are twins… the Texas Twins. That’s right, here we go with a gallery where twin sisters are involved in some hot lesbian love making. How hot?

four girl lesbian orgy with twins

That’s right, what you got here is a very hot and very wild four girl lesbian orgy! That is about as nasty and as naughty as you can imagine… the rest is for your imagination and your horny desires.

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