Outdoor Coed Pussy Lickers

coed licking pussy outdoors

Ahh, a sweet, sweet picture.  Two sexy college coeds outdoors licking pussy.  Want to watch?

I found this gallery over at Pussylixx, and let me tell you, this is one hot scene.  These two girls are really into licking pussy and making out, and they seem to enjoy being outdoors in the sun.  The clothes come off and the tongues come out!  The dark haired girl even has a pierced tongue, and you will love the closeup shot of her flapping that little piercing over the blonds hard little clit.  Nice stuff!

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Three Blondes Lesbian Action

three blonde girls lesbian sex

I love We Live Together! They have some of the hottest lesbian sex scenes in the business, with some of the hottest euro babes you will find, and the action is wonderful.

Take this set, the two “roommates” pick up this third girl at the beach. They don’t waste time getting her back to the apartment, and they put her in a horny sandwich and the fun gets going! Each of these girls is a hotty by herself, and together, this is darn well nuclear hot lesbian sex! I especially lvoe how much they put on kissing and making out, rather than just naked girls near each other. You can tell that these girls are having a seriously great time, and the girl in the middle looks like she might not have done much with girls before…

It’s pretty hot, and the gallery is has some hot samples of the action: Click here for the free gallery.

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Showertime Lesbians

pussy licking lesbians in the showerWhy Can’t I ever seem to find two hotties like this in my shower?

I found this photoset over at a new site called Pussy Lixxx. They have a ton of hot lesbian videos and pics, and the site is just great to look at…

Anyway, these two girls are taking a shower together, and apparently they don’t care if the hot water bill goes up because they are way to busy kissing, making out, and licking each other’s pussy. They can’t help themselves, I guess!

I particularly like how well these girls show off the pink, and how the finger are disappearing… and you can tell they are having a pretty darn good time!

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Jana Cova lesbian fantasy

jana cova schoolgirl lesbian set

This set is for all you fans of the slight more posed, slightly more planned “two sexy girls together” rather than the pure amateur hardcore “can’t stop them” sort of thing. I bring it up mostly because a number of this pics in this gallery are shot with the girls looking right at the camera, which isn’t always the best for me.

However, whenever a set has Jana Cova in it, you know you are getting a hot chick with a stunning body and a good attitude, so you know it’s going to be all good in the end.

This is sort of almost a lesbain schoolgirl or office set, I am not sure which, but the end result is that you get to check out two pretty darn hot girls, and imagine what it would be like if they really went for it… which I suspect they do inside the members area, nudge-nudge wink-wink!

Anyway, the pics are hot, so click here to check them out.

You can see more of Jana Cova at the Jana Cova Archive – click here!

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Fun in Bed


Two girls kissing is just about enough to get me hard without even seeing anything else. Doubly so when the girls kissing are totally fucking hot, and you can tell totally into each other! This is Jackie and Meggy, and they are bisexual girls with a real taste for pussy! They love to spend their days on a bed playing games, play with each other, and having sexy wet orgasms… just your typical girls next door, right?

lesbians licking

Didn’t I tell you they are hot? Those tits are fucking amazing, and the girl really does have a tongue made for pussy licking. Now, I know you want to see more, so click here to check out Meggy and Jackie’s hot gallery.

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Angela and Clayene

hot teen lesbian action

I figured that this picture would make it clear to everyone that this is in fact a lesbian site )

Seriously, I found this hot gallery over at LezBteens… a sort of teen lesbian site where some of the girls don’t seem to have the teen part exactly right, but damn, if they ain’t got the pussy licking and dildo ramming right! This set features sexy Angela and Clayene playing on a bed, and play they do… pussy licking, kissing, rubbing, and two very useful vibrators come into play in this set. No holds barred lesbian fun here.

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Taylor Little and Jordan Capri

taylor little and jordan capri lesbian sex

Another quicky here guys… Two hot lightspeed girls in Bikinis… you know that this can only get more and more interesting.  Not a ton of pure action here, but the pics are hella sexy and the girls are hot.  You know that this went much, much further!

It’s free site, so two complete galleries, 30 pics total… click here for Taylor Little and Jordan Capri lesbian sex

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Crystal Klein Lesbian Action

mega babe crystal klein sucking on tits

Crystal Klein is a sexy and hot mega babe, a girl that really turns me on with her all antural body, sexy ass and lovely tiny tits.  I found this photoset of her today and thought you guys would love it!   It shows sexy Crystal and one of her friends in a fun playful sexy lesbain romp.

Nice shots of killing, licking, tit squeezing, and such… not really hardcore, but certainly dick stiffening material.

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